InnovaConcrete at the TechnoHeritage event Ciencia y Patrimonio

March 2018 | Madrid (Spain)

On March 2018, the TechnoHeritage event “Ciencia y Patrimonio. Oportunidades, Experiencias y Dimensión Europea” (Science and Heritage. Oportunities, Experiences and European Dimension) was held in the Spanish Institute of Cultural Heritage, Madrid.

The InnovaConcrete team represented by María J. Mosquera (project coordinator), Mª Teresa Blanco (from IETCC-CSIC and WP 3 leader) and Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros (partner from ICOMOS) were invited to this event to introduce InnovaConcrete. They explained the main objectives of the project which aims to preserve the 20th century concrete-based cultural heritage.