Self-healing products: Innovative enzymatic route to produce calcium carbonate

Over the last 10 years, the UMC-Mainz partner in combination with the SME NTM have carried out intense research in the field of molecular biomineralization to produce materials that actually mimic self-repair in living systems, and that, in combination with nanotechnology procedures, enable the sustainable repair of decayed historic concrete.  In InnovaConcrete, an innovative approach based on the use of an enzymatic route to produce calcium carbonate under environmentally safe conditions will be developed. When incorporated into an inorganic material, the enzymes remain active over longer time periods and give self-repair properties. Specifically, there is a ubiquitous enzyme, Carbonic Anhydrase (CA) that has been recognized in calcareous sponges by the UMC and NTM partners, and silicatein the enzyme that catalyses the formation of an inorganic material – biosilica.

Self-healing products Innovative enzymatic route to produce calcium carbonate

Bio-induced self-healing with Ca-carbonate using nanoparticles, coated with the enzyme molecules using carrier-bound biomineral-forming enzyme molecules.

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