Formulations based on CaO-(Al2O3)-SiO2-H2O (C-(A)-S-H) nanotubes

CSGI has pioneered a route to produce formulations based on CaO-(Al2O3)-SiO2-H2O (C-(A)-S-H) nanotubes (eg. Halloysite, CS-H, etc). These tubular inorganic admixtures are able to load and bond the cementitious matrix in an intimate way.

In InnovaConcrete, these formulations will be optimized in order to produce cementitious coatings providing a multi-functional treatment:

  • to increase the reinforcement of concrete;
  • to trigger the formation of additional C-(A)-S-H gel.
Formulations based on CaO-(Al2O3)-SiO2-H2O (C-(A)-S-H) nanotubes

Schematic representation of a C-(A)-S-H nanotube.

The predicted tensile are one order of magnitude larger than the best steel, and guarantees a full compatibility and bonding with the cementitious C-S-H gel.

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