100 from the 20th is online now!

29 July 2019

Finally, the InnovaConcrete selection of the significant 20th Century heritage sites in Europe is complete and it is now available on line thanks to the website 100 from the 20th.

The partner DOCOMOMO Iberico leaded the selection and collaborated with ICOMOS to find the 100 most significant cultural heritage made of concrete in Europe.

The partner TECHEDGE developed the website which is a sort of concrete cultural heritage search engine, in fact, it possible to search for a particular building or to click on an interactive map which shows all the selected monuments. After clicking on one pointer, a description of the site is shown with interesting information about the architect, the style, the year of construction, the construction method and the state of conservation.

InnovaConcrete 100 from the 20th site search

InnovaConcrete 100 from the 20th map

This search engine compiles 100 sites that are representative of the importance of concrete in the 20th century. The aim is to transmit the value of fair-faced concrete sites to society, through a series of examples that highlight different aspects of concrete that are relevant to these sites’ significance as cultural heritage.

All the selected sites are outstanding examples of architecture and engineering from the 20th century on technical, social and aesthetic levels. They reflect innovation in building materials and structure, as well as in building methods, construction techniques and detailing. They often exemplify new uses and typologies, characteristic of the social, cultural and economic development of their time, and they are significant in the history of architecture and engineering. The sites, from all 28 countries in the EU, reflect different periods in the 20th century, as well as different currents and approaches to design. They also bear witness to the performance of fair- faced concrete over time, the problems associated with its conservation and its perception in society.

Although the cultural value of these sites is undeniable, society faces difficulties in appreciating them, and some of them have been left to decay. Transmitting the value of concrete is essential to understanding the history of the 20th century, our common history.