Innovation Radar Prize 2020: InnovaConcrete partner NanoPhos is finalist!


The Innovation Radar Prize, patronised by the European Commission, has come to its 2020 edition and disclosed finalist organisations of this year.

The award was created to reward those organizations able to make a great contribution to innovation in the European technological landscape. This year, among the other finalists, there is also NanoPhos, part of InnovaConcrete consortium. NanoPhos is a greek company developing multiple nanotechnology driven formulations to add functionality and boost energy efficiency in buildings and construction projects.

Their nomination comes because of the commitment and development showed in the InnovaConcrete framework. This European Projects aims to solve the degradation of concrete based European buildings of high cultural heritage relevance. By synthesizing a crack-free nontoxic impregnation treatment in a one-pot synthesis via the sol-gel method, incorporating nanoparticles of synthesized amorphous calcium oxalate monohydrate in tetraethoxysilane NanoPhos is helping to solve the problem. This material, which is produced by Technical University of Crete (partner of InnovaConcrete Project too) in cooperation with NanoPhos, is a nontoxic strengthening and protective agent.

The project titled “Consolidants with high affinity for carbonate species for restoration and conservation of concrete-based surfaces” is being developed with the collaboration of Prof. N. Maravelakis’ scientific team of TUC.

The finals take place online on 24 September 2020 during the European Commission R&I Days event.


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