06 December 2021

On the 2nd – 4th December 2021 the InnovaConcrete Final Workshop entitled “Conservation of the 20th Century Concrete-based Cultural Heritage: Innovative materials, procedures and awareness has taken place in Cadiz” has taken place at the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, University of Cádiz and online. The workshop has been the perfect moment to present the achieved results to the institutions’ representatives, stakeholders and the public. On 2nd December The Benchmark Guidance Document For conservation of XX century heritage: Cádiz document has been officially presented followed by round tables and presentations on the importance of XX century heritage conservation policies and intervention protocols, the official presentation of the selection of the 100 significant concrete heritage structures from the 20th century: The 100 of the 20th  and the InnovaConcrete activities related to the citizens awareness, socio-economic analysis tools and results. On the 3rd December the technical part has been presented starting from the laboratory validation protocols of the materials and technologies followed by interesting presentations on the InnovaConcrete materials and techniques with an overview of the technologies developed during the project and validation results, conclusions and future perspectives. The workshop continued with the in-situ validation of the InnovaConcrete materials and techniques, significance of the case studies, characterization, on fi­eld application experience, validation and durability studies and ended with a round-table on the future perspectives of concrete heritage conservation, beyond the InnovaConcrete project.

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