InnovaConcrete at Nano-Cathedral project final event

17 May 2018 | Pisa (Italy)

INNOVACONCRETE was present at the closing event of the EU H2020 funded project NANO-CATHEDRAL. The Nano-Cathedral Final event took place in the amazing Ex Sala degli Affreschi located in Pisa’s Cathedral Square on May 17th 2018. At this important event, Project Coordinator Maria J. Mosquera presented main objectives and expected impacts of the project during the afternoon session dedicated to the Best Practices in Conservation of EU H2020 funded projects.

NANO-CATHEDRAL is an Innovation Action supported by the European Commission under the HORIZON 2020 Programme. The project is devoted to analysis, conservation and protection of stone related to European architectural heritage by including outstanding and representative ecclesiastical and secular buildings in its research. It brings together 19 partners from all over Europe with very different expertises and backgrounds, under the coordination of  Professor Andrea Lazzeri, University of Pisa, Italy (INSTM).

The project, started in June 2015, is now come to an end. To celebrate this finish line during the Year of Cultural Heritage, Nano-Cathedral partners decided to organize a big event to show project results and to let people understand the importance or funding in the field of research for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage.

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