Concrete & Sustainability: History – Restoration – Prospective

18 October 2019 | Brussels (Belgium)

In the wake of the release of this summer magazine Bruxelles Patrimoines (n ° 30) ‘Bétons’, organized in partnership with  CIVA, a study day dedicated to concrete under the title “CONCRETE & SUSTAINABILITY. History – Restoration – Prospective “.

This day wanted to discover the richness and variety of concrete in the Brussels Region, as well as the diversity of approaches and interventions on historic and contemporary concrete. A first part detailed the specificity of Belgium and Brussels in the history of concrete, in the yard of the Blaton Fund held at the AAM (CIVA); Blaton Fund tours was held at different times of the day.

A second part focused on different approaches to the conservation of historic concrete with regard to their composition and historicity.

The third part examined contemporary societal issues and the role of concrete in architectural production today.

Also InnovaConcrete was presented during the day thanks to the presentation of the project Communication Manager, Isella Vicini. The presentation had the aim to describe the project objectives and to present the first results: for this reason, Isella Vicini showed the 3d virtual tour developed in the project and described the selection “100 from the the 20th“, with a focus on the Belgian buildings part of the selection.