Cleaning for the application of InnovaConcrete products on the pergola Los Sietes

05 March 2020 | Madrid (Spain)

First stage for the on-site validation of the products and technologies developed within the InnovaConcrete project on the case study selected from the Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Sciences, Madrid-Spain.

On March 5, 2020, the first stage of the on-site validation of the products and techniques developed within the InnovaConcrete project began on the Madrid case study: the Pergola “Los Sietes” of the Eduardo Torroja Institute.

After validating the InnovaConcrete products in mortars and mock-ups, this last stage will contrast and monitor the on-site results. In the IETcc-CSIC case study, will consist of the paint removal of the concrete from 2 pergolas, comparing 2 techniques: the traditional system -hydrocleaning- and the one carried out by the CSGI, Department of Chimica of the University of Firenze for the conservation and restoration of heritage. Subsequently, the products developed in the project will be applied and will be monitored for up to 8 months to study their performance and ageing.

Last Friday, the painting was removed by the ‘HIDRODEM – hydrodemolition and surface preparation’ company.