Social appreciation for the improvement of tourism management of 20th-century heritage: a methodological proposal


Proposal of a Tourism Potential Index for Heritage from the Ecosystem Services Approach

Isella Vicini for InnovaConcrete video

Social Aspects and raising awareness

Elogio del Horizonte

Concrete as heritage: the social perception from heritage criteria perspective. The Eduardo Torroja’s work


Concrete as heritage: social perception and its valuing. The Zarzuela hippodrome case

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InnovaConcrete at STREMAH 2019

InnovaConcrete 100 from the 20th home page

100 from the 20th is online now!

Finally, the InnovaConcrete selection of the significant 20th Century heritage sites in Europe is complete and it is now available on line thanks to the website 100 from the 20th.


Surveys at the Zarzuela Racehorse

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Cultural Heritage for Tourism