Significant 20th Century Brutalists Buildings of Eastern Europe: our top 5

Brutalism is an architectural movement born in the twentieth century and spread in the following years in most of Europe. It originated from some works of the famous French architect Le Corbusier, who wanted to break with the simplicity and purity that characterized the architecture of the 1940s to create a new, plastic and imposing […]

Viking ship museum

Heritage in danger: the Viking Ship Hall

Vikingeskibshallen (The Viking Ship Hall) is a masterwork of modern Danish architecture. It is a unique structure that creatively integrates museum, setting and archaeology in a way that transcends historic definitions. The Viking Ship Hall was built in 1967-68 and was the first late modern building to be listed for protection in Denmark in 1998.


When concrete rebuilt an entire city


Saving concrete memories: the Palacio de Bellas Artes in San Sebastián

In our imagination we all have images of our grandparents, black and white pictures of people wearing different clothes and using different means of transportation. Think of an older time, a time gone by, enlivened by the music and dances of Swing, the Charleston and Dixieland Jazz. If you’re imagining something like The Great Gatsby, you’re not totally […]

From church to art gallery: the 2nd brutal life of St. Agnes Church

Is it possible to give new life to a deteriorated concrete building or is demolition necessary? And, if we are talking about a place of worship, how might it be adapted to another use?


When spirituality meets design


What is concrete shell architecture


Concrete Architecture: why should it be preserved

Concrete as Architecture: Concrete may be the most controversial and criticized construction material ever. Buildings made of concrete are often reviled as ugly and thus not worthy of consideration as cultural heritage.