Beni culturali dell’edilizia storica e moderna: nuove prospettive nel recupero e nella conservazione dei materiali

4-7 June 2019 | Pula (Italy)

The workshop entitled “Cultural heritage of historical and modern construction: new perspectives in the recovery and conservation of materials” took place from 4 to 7 in the Sardinian Technology Park of Pula (CA) in Sardinia. The event was organized by the Department of Mechanical, Chemical and Materials Engineering of the University of Cagliari and was funded by Sardegna Ricerche.

The goal of the workshop, organized in collaboration with DICAAR, AIMAT and Edilformula, was to enhance the knowledge around the conservation sector. The restoration of buildings requires a considerable planning effort and the use of specific materials, which often collides with an operational experience of the construction site which is still rather labile. Precisely for this reason many conservation interventions have proved to be not efficient, if not harmful to the constructions applied.

The school provided an overview of the state of the art, open problems, new experimental practices and relationships between the various scientific areas, which also collaborate in order to create innovative materials and advanced restoration techniques.

Professor Noni Maravelaki presented the main topics of the INNOVACONCRETE, the synthesized innovative materials as well as the case studies of the project.