InnovaConcrete at Puteche Aperte and John Fante Festival

05 – 25 August 2019 | Torricella Peligna (Italy)

From the 5th to the 25th of August 2019, InnovaConcrete project will participate at the event “Puteche Aperte” organized in Torricella Peligna (Italy).

InnovaConcrete will have an exhibition space within the Puteche Aperte event which will be located inside the “old Vincenzo’s pizzeria” and inside it will be possible to see, for the entire duration of the event, panels describing the history of the two monuments case studies of the project, the surveys carried out within the project and the materials developed/tested, as well as a general project description panel. The opening will be held on Monday 5th August with a series of conferences and the first, at 17.30, will be the one dedicated to the InnovaConcrete project during which Fabio Cerioni from TECHEDGE will talk about the reasons why the Torricella Peligna fallen monuments were chosen as case studies of the project and he will present a preview of the virtual tour of Torricella Peligna developed by his company.

The InnovaConcrete exhibition will be open also during the John Fante Festival and it will close on August 25th 2019.

The name Puteche Aperte, in Abruzzese dialect, means open shops: the idea was born from the memory of how the artisans shops, in particular the carpenters, the shoes, the tailors but even more the barbers, were real centers of socialization in the past, not only of Torricella but of all countries. They were places where people met to talk and networking. The municipality of Torricella Peligna recreates the atmosphere of a past time adapting the old shops in spaces dedicated to art, photography, sculpture, creativity, old and new traditions.